Picasso, Izzy, and Maggie

Picasso, Izzy, and Maggie Amanda Larson-Olson and her family adopted Picasso, Izzy, and Maggie (aka midget). Picasso and Izzy were are several auctions before we found them and pulled them out of the auction circuit in NJ. Maggy was a bun in Izzy’s oven when we got her. These three beauties were overlooked despite their […]

Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy Daisy was adopted by Abby Woodaz. She’s now officially a Michigan Upper. Daisy was rescued from a Missouri kill buyer. She was an amazing role model and protector for an orphan donkey we rescued from a Missouri auction. She definitely helped to save her life after the orphan was torn away from her mother […]

Meet Popeye

Meet Popeye Sue Brook of M & M Farms adopted TPDR’s Popeye. Here’s Popeye showing what he can do on the obstacle course.  Since they plan to work him into their kids’ program AND their therapy program, it’s essential that mister Popeye be “big and brave” around lots of different things. Popeye handled it ALL with […]

Meet Maude

Meet Maude Maude was rescued from a kill pen in Arkansa and found her new forever home with Gloria Duer in Texas. She’s an amazing mule who loves trail rides with her momma and loves educating young people. Maude help a group of Girl Scouts earn their Horsemanship Badge.  They groomed her to death.  At the […]