TPDR Wish List


Please consider making a donation to TPDR to help us purchase hay!!
Please send donations to:
PO Box 248,
Dansville, MI 48819.

Donations of hay would be great too if it can be delivered.  All donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for helping us take care of our long eared friends


As you can see we could use blankets of ALL sizes!

We could use some blankets!

If you would like to buy us some blankets or donate old ones sitting in your barn with no purpose, we’d love them!

Thank YOU for donating!

Items We Could Use

  • Catron IV
  • Thrush Buster
  • Horse Treats
  • Enrichment toys: jolly balls, traffic cones, or any fun horse toys.
  • Peroxide
  • Tractor Supply Gift card 
  • Equine Lice powder
  • Durvet apple flavored Ivermectin dewormer
  • Panacur dewormer
  • Strongid dewormer
  • New or lightly used halters size: large mini, weanling, 
         foal, and pony 
  • Equimax dewormer
  • Selenium horse mineral blocks
  • Vet wrap (self sticking)
  • Poltice pads
  • Syringes: 6ml, 12ml, 35 ml, 60ml 
  • Betadine
  • Red cote
  • Swat
  • Baby waterproof sunblock spray and cream 100spf
  • Banixx spray
  • Triple antibiotic eye ointment
  • SmartPak Deluxe Pony Fly Sheet or any pony fly sheet with 70+ UV protection size 54” 


Here at the rescue we have lots, and lots of halters! But hey, you can never have too many halters!

Do you want to buy some halters to donate to TPDR?

Do you want to donate some old ones laying around in your barn?

They would be put to good use here at TPDR!

We have all sizes! From very small miniature donkeys all the way up to a draft mule!

Thank YOU for donating!