Why Start A Rescue??

Often we are asked the same question……why do you want to do all this work and rescue animals?

Go back to Good Friday, 2002…Sharon Windsor had a busy life caring for her many animals on her farm in rural Michigan.

Sharon decided to attend a large Indiana Horse auction and there she found “Shaggy” in a kill pen. He was very dirty, very crippled and very old. He was moving timidly from corner to corner trying to keep away from the aggressive and large draft horses that were also on their way to the kill pen.

Recognizing that Shaggy was in poor condition and did not have much time left, Sharon bought him in the hopes of giving him a peaceful and humane death.

After a short time with him, she realized that someone had loved this donkey once. He was gelded, very well trained and totally trusting. Someone had dumped this gentle old soul for the grand sum of $31.00.

Exactly four months later, again on a Friday, Sharon ran to town for some errands. When she returned home she quickly realized that something was not right with Shaggy. As he laid on his side, she gently cradled his dear, sweet head in her lap. Shaggy passed peacefully on, feeling loved and secure. As tears fell down her cheeks, she quietly thanked him for waiting for her to find him and allowing her to be with him when he passed.

With his passing, Sharon became determined to start a rescue for these amazing animals. Two years later it became a reality with the birth of Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue.

Our dream is that all of these beautiful creatures have a Sharon in their lives and not have to die alone.


Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue 
(aka TPDR and/or the rescue) is a 
Michigan based non-profit organization 
dedicated to the health and welfare 
of miniature, standard and mammoth donkeys.

Through the rescue, we promote the 
humane care and proper training of 
these long ears. We strive to provide 
the public with a better understanding 
of their true nature.

Our efforts will be directed towards 
education of perspective and 
current donkey owners.

Donkeys come to the rescue from 
a variety of difficult situations. 
They will be matched with the most 
compatible, compassionate and 
supportive environment.