Cookie and Baby Elsa

Cookie and Baby Elsa Cookie was rescued from a New Jersey auction with a bun in her oven. There was a problem soon after Cookie gave birth. And it was a problem which, left unchecked, would have resulted in Elsa’s DEATH. Poor momma Cookie would not allow Elsa to nurse. Sadly, this is not uncommon and […]

Meet Savannah

Meet Savannah I received several urgent messages from TPDR supporters that there was a donkey owned by a MS kill buyer in need of urgent medical care. She had bald patches all over her body and was severely sunburned and had several skin bacteria and fungal infections. Our great rescue friend, Fran from Crossroads Donkey […]

Ribbons and her baby Beau

Ribbons and her baby Beau Ribbons and her baby Beau were rescued from a PA auction. They were all adorned with ribbons in their halters to make buyers believe they were coming from a loving family not a trader. This is a trick traders often use to try to get more money. Little did I […]

Meet Ali

Meet Ali This tall black beauty is TPDR Ali We found her in early October standing in a filthy pen at a sale barn along with a very small black pony and also little Shoddy. With quite a bit of patience finally the pony and Shoddy very carefully accepted a treat from our hands. Not […]