Meet Savannah

I received several urgent messages from TPDR supporters that there was a donkey owned by a MS kill buyer in need of urgent medical care. She had bald patches all over her body and was severely sunburned and had several skin bacteria and fungal infections. Our great rescue friend, Fran from Crossroads Donkey Rescue, helped us secure her and get her to the University of TN.  
Fran woke up before the crack of dawn to deliver our girls to the University of Tennessee for an early appointment this morning. She’s certainly a blessing to these donkeys. 
We named her Savannah. She was only 3 years old. Her blood work was normal for liver function. That’s a blessing as photosensitivity can be a result of poor liver function.  That was a big relief.  More blood work came back. Most values are normal. She was anemic which did not surprise me. What did surprise me was that she was pregnant. 
Savannah had to be kept out of the sun and bathed with medicated shampoo multiple times. Savannah healed very quickly, but unfortunately, lost her baby. Likely due to stress ans damage from her illness. 
Savanah came to Michigan where she fell in love with a family with two beautiful children. When they visited, she just wrapped her head around them, and we knew she had picked her people.