Meet Luna

Luna’s story is a very sad one. Luna found herself at a PA auction where she ended up being purchased by a kill buyer. Luna was in excruciating pain from serious neglect in caring for her hooves. She was in so much pain that she did not want to walk. Well, either the previous owner or the kill buyer became very impatient, and she was dragged across a gravel surface causing a severe abrasion on her back leg and a terrible fear of people. 
A rescue friend brought her to my attention, and TPDR bought her and got her immediate vet care. Luna remained in quarantine where they applied medication to her leg Daily. The medication worked wonders and the abrasion healed and she grew her fur back after some time. 
The vet came to meet the farrier to do x-rays and give pain medication and some sedation so that the farrier could trim up her feet. Luna was in extreme pain in her feet. Immediately after her trimming, Luna was walking much more comfortably and laying down much less frequently . She will need continued hoof care to get them back in shape, but the farrier’s initial trim has improved her hooves and comfort level substantially.  
However, severe damage had already been done to Luna’s legs due to the long term lack of trimming. She will never be 100%, so we must manage her pain. Luna will remain with us as a sanctuary donkey as long as we can manage her pain and she maintains a good quality of life. 
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