Meet Kai

I got several messages about this guy who was owned by a MS trader, so I snatched him up. Our good friend Fran from Crossroads Donkey Rescue in TN fired up the donkey express and picked him up Tuesday. Together they weathered the terrible storms that blew through TN on Wednesday. Then the donkey express was off again to take him to the University of TN in Knoxville. That is the same hospital that healed our sweet Savannah. 
Fran says this boy, who we have named Kai, is very loving and attention seeking. He leaned into her when she was petting and scratching him. He was obviously loved very much by someone in his life. It’s always baffling how they end up in such bad places. 
Our boy is about 15 years old. He had his blood drawn. His liver function was a concern due to his sunburn (photosensitivity). Thankfully, his liver is functioning normally. He did have a high white blood cell count and has a dry cough. His lung ultrasounds came back clean. No signs of pnemonia brewing so far. He was seen by the dermatologist and diagnosed with a severe case of rain rot and sunburn, so he got a bath and was be sprayed twice daily with medicine. He was a very good boy. He did spike a fever after his bath, but meds nipped that in the bud as well as the cough. Fecal samples were sent out to check for lung worm and Intestinal parasites which were negative. 
Kai was cleared healed up and cleared for transport to MI. He arrived safely and truly is a loving boy. He stayed in our small heated barn for the winter because his hair was growing back in small patches. Several months went by and he still had a bald face, bumm, tail, and several bald patches.  I sent pictures to an amazing adopter who happens to be a small animal dermatologist who said he was pretty sure our Kai had alopecia. We did biopsies and confirmed that he does indeed have alopecia-areata.  See below for Kai’s intake photos. 
Kai will be a sanctuary donkey as he need special fly sheet with 85% uv protection and 100 spf water proof sunblock to go out even on cloudy days. He also needs the heated barn to stay warm in the winter. 
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